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Understanding Your Commercial Heating Needs with a Joe Hurley Furnace Contractor Specialist

It may come as a surprise to some people that many business owners aren’t clear on what type of heating equipment is installed in their commercial building. Whether it’s a furnace or boiler, it’s imperative to work with a certified furnace contractor to understand the specifics of your heating system in your commercial building.

Ideally, your business would make HVAC system checkup an important part of inspection before moving in. Determining the system type and its health will be a significant part of your business’s fiscal health, so it pays to understand the general nature of the two general types of systems that can be found.

Common Heating Systems for Commercial Buildings

While boilers and warm air furnaces are generally the two most common types of commercial building HVAC systems for heating, the boiler is the more common of the two. This is because boilers can be more easily and efficiently designed to accommodate heating large spaces affordably. There are of course exceptions as some buildings do contain warm air furnaces.

Commercial warm air furnaces work similarly to residential furnaces in the fact that they heat air in a heat exchanger and blow the warm air through the central duct system. These units can be part of the commercial HVAC system, or they can be installed as stand-alone systems. Commercial systems are designed to provide a minimum 225,000 BTUs per unit, as reported by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Commercial boilers on the other hand heat water with either gas or oil rather than heating air directly. Depending on the system, the water is either is heated to a certain temperature then passed through pipes as hot water, similar to how a hot water heater operates, or the system heats the water until it turns into steam. A pipe system then transfers the water to either radiators or baseboard heaters, and as the radiator or baseboard heater is warmed, it warms the air in the room.

In order to perform the right preventative maintenance on your heating equipment, you have to know which type of system is installed in your building. If your building has a commercial boiler, it probably has a dedicated boiler room, or the boiler is located in the basement. If you have a commercial warm air furnace, it may be located in a utility closet, or it could be part of your rooftop HVAC unit. If, after exploring your building, you cannot determine the type of heating equipment, it is best to call a Joe Hurley professional HVAC technician.

Commercial Heating Systems in Ocean, NJ

Both types of systems have their own complexities and obviously have different maintenance and repair needs. A furnace contractor will go through a similar inspection process for a commercial system as with a residential system, but the commercial inspection will be more elaborate with different building code needs. While your Joe Hurley furnace contractor will go out of their way to provide all of the answers that you will need on a potential commercial project before you ask, your basic knowledge is important. When you understand the basics of which questions to ask, you can work with them to make informed decisions about the best course of action for repair or replacement.

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